Infertility and Weight Loss

If you are trying to become pregnant and you are more than 40 pounds over weight, it is time to focus on your health. OBESITY can affect fertility of both men and women. If you would do anything and everything to have a baby, work with a specialist to address you weight. Women who have…… Continue reading Infertility and Weight Loss

Two in the Family- Bradley and Jamie had Lap Band Surgery the Same Day #lapband

This is Part 1 of a series about Brad and Jamie Dean, a couple who had Lap-Band surgery together, on the same day. In the blogs, they share their experiences before and after Lap-Band, and how they have worked together to realize their personal transformation and weight loss goals. How many couples do you know…… Continue reading Two in the Family- Bradley and Jamie had Lap Band Surgery the Same Day #lapband that said, in our experience at the Community bariatric program, lap band surgery can improve the overall health of these women, lessening the rate of complications and improving the pre-term birth rate associated with obesity-related pregnancy. reported state-by-state pre-term birth rates in the U.S. with a grade from the March of Dimes. Indiana… Continue reading

New Year New Resolutions?  Watch Some INSPIRATION! Join us January 8 to have all of your weight loss questions answered. Keith McEwen Md will present on Weight Loss Surgery with the Lap Band System! Contact us at 317-621-2500  

Lap Band Cost REDUCED with Keith McEwen

Lap Band Cost Reduced – Bariatric Surgery Cost with Keith McEwen MD – What is the cost of OBESITY?  What is the cost of Obesity Surgery?  We can help you have LapBand Surgery By August 2013. Costs can vary based on your location. Do not let the price of Lap Band surgery affect your…… Continue reading Lap Band Cost REDUCED with Keith McEwen

Baby or Lapband Weight Loss First

Baby or LAP-BAND® System First? Ready to be a mom? If you’re severely obese or 80 lbs. or more overweight, consider having weight-loss surgery and losing excess pounds before you conceive. Research suggests it could be a healthier choice for you and your baby. In one recent study from Johns Hopkins University of 585 women,…… Continue reading Baby or Lapband Weight Loss First

Weight Loss Options with Keith McEwen MD

Weight Loss Options with Keith McEwen MDOnline presentation about bariatric surgery from the comfort of home. Dr. Keith McEwen, certified lap band surgeon, discusses obesity risks, surgical options for weight loss, lifestyle changes and more.

Obesity Increases Heart surgery Risk

Obesity Increases Heart surgery Risk In an obesity-related heart study reported in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology by Frederic T. Billings IV, MD, of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, researchers found obesity raises acute kidney injury risk in heart surgery, but oxidative stress have may partially reduce the risk . Acute kidney injury was detected… Continue reading Obesity Increases Heart surgery Risk

Bariatric Surgery Options – Keith McEwen MD, LapBand Surgeon Keith McEwen, MD; Bariatric surgeon specializing in gastric adjustable lap band surgery discusses obesity, weight loss surgery, gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass. He discusses diabetes related to weight. Overall, obesity health related conditions. For additional information, contact Cheryl at