Lap Band Cost REDUCED with Keith McEwen

Lap Band Cost Reduced – Bariatric Surgery Cost with Keith McEwen MD –

What is the cost of OBESITY?  What is the cost of Obesity Surgery?  We can help you have LapBand Surgery By August 2013.

Costs can vary based on your location. Do not let the price of Lap Band surgery affect your decision to choose a qualified surgeon.  Keith McEwen MD and Hamilton Bariatrics can help you afford Lap Band Surgery.

The ability to pay cash for lap band surgery makes the decision to have surgery easier. You don’t have to worry about going through an insurance company- completing 6 months of supervised weight loss.  You can have Bariatric surgery in 45 days or less.  Typical cost  $20,000 USD is the pricing range across the country but $14,000 is the most often quoted average gastric band price.   The LapBand System is available for around $11,000 with Dr. Keith McEwen for qualified candidates.  Call 317-621-2511 or email  Sign up for a free online tutorial to save time at

If you smoke or you’re overweight, have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, you could be forced to pay a lot more for health insurance, according to new regulations just issued by the Obama administration.

Average cost for an obese woman to keep her current weight per year:  $8365.00

Average cost for an obese man to keep his current weight per year:  $6518.00

So….grab a buddy and join us to cut your waist line but not your wallet!   Lap Band Session FREE July 17

Complications of Obesity
Complications of Obesity

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