Infertility and Weight Loss

If you are trying to become pregnant and you are more than 40 pounds over weight, it is time to focus on your health.

OBESITY can affect fertility of both men and women.

If you would do anything and everything to have a baby, work with a specialist to address you weight.

Women who have excess weight, are obese (BMI of 30) and/or morbidly obese (BMI of 40 and above) have a more difficult time becoming pregnant.

Obesity affects fertility by:

  1. Abnormal hormone signals which negatively impact ovulation and sperm production.
  2. In women, obesity can cause the overproduction of insulin, which may cause irregular ovulation.
  3. In women, excess insulin production and the infertility condition known as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a specific medical condition associated with irregular menstrual cycles, anovulation (decreased or stopped ovulation), obesity and elevated levels of male hormones.
  4. Once pregnant, obesity impacts early loss through miscarriage and increases the risk of premature birth.
  5. Hormone irregularities in men affect stimulation of the testicles that inhibit sperm production.
  6. Excess fat causes the male hormone, testosterone, to be converted into estrogen, and estrogens decrease testicle stimulation.
  7. High BMI in men correlates with reduced testosterone levels.
  8. Men with high BMIs typically are found to have an abnormal semen analysis.


  • Before pregnancy, make a plan with your partner to eat healthier, increase activity (walking 20-30 minutes per day), substitute sugary drinks with water and lose 20% of your excess weight. If you are 60 or more pounds overweight, come learn about the Lap Band System. The Lap Band is safer for pregnancy since it does not change your anatomy leading to vitamin, mineral and nutritional deficiencies.

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