Individualized Weight Loss

Are you afraid of having bariatric weight loss surgery? Is it because you are afraid you will be “too thin” or “skinny”? Are you afraid of being unhealthy after surgery because you have heard about “dumping syndrome”, persistent vomiting, or hair loss? Are you afraid you will need to take multiple vitamins and expensive supplements…… Continue reading Individualized Weight Loss


GASTRIC BANDING WAS SHOWN TO BE SAFER THAN SLEEVE GASTRECTOMYData from the Bariatric Outcomes Longitudinal Database™ 5* showed that sleeve gastrectomy had a 3x greater rate of total complications in the first year when compared to gastric banding- read more

Weight Loss Options with Keith McEwen MD

Weight Loss Options with Keith McEwen MDOnline presentation about bariatric surgery from the comfort of home. Dr. Keith McEwen, certified lap band surgeon, discusses obesity risks, surgical options for weight loss, lifestyle changes and more.

Bariatric Surgery Options – Keith McEwen MD, LapBand Surgeon Keith McEwen, MD; Bariatric surgeon specializing in gastric adjustable lap band surgery discusses obesity, weight loss surgery, gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass. He discusses diabetes related to weight. Overall, obesity health related conditions. For additional information, contact Cheryl at