Insurance and Cost of Weight Loss

Meet Jessica, Bariatric Insurance Weight Loss Benefits Coordinator

Here is a list of carriers and employers with insurance coverage for Lap Band System

There are thousands of others as well.    (if yours is not listed- we will be happy to check)

  • Anthem Lilly Employees
  • Adidas
  • Tricare
  • Medicare
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Hamilton County Employees           
  • Indiana University IUCAN policy
  • Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • State of Indiana
  • Navient
  • Walgreen’s Insured
  • Amtrak Aetna
  • Edward Jones BCBS plans
  • General Motors Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Community Health Network  Prohealth Gold
  • Batesville Casket Company
  • Anthem 2.0 HIP
  • Anthem Michigan  Prefix MJE
  • Microsoft Blue Cross Blue Shield