Transformation Tuesday: Becky

Becky had her band placed on DAY 1, 2005. She has had her band for 12 years. She has had the normal stresses of life. She is very thankful that the band has helped her maintain her weight loss and health. She feels without the band she would have always been obese. Although she had lost 100 pounds several times before, her LAP-BAND and Dr. McEwen and his team keep her on track. […]

Transformation Tuesday: Myrna

Meet Myrna, since her first visit to our office she has lost 115 pounds. She is now able to do actual “abdominal workouts”. She states she consistently has worked on her diet habits and her weight came off slow and steady. She enjoys going to Florida, taking walks and not having to worry about carrying extra weight around and feeling uncomfortable. […]

Transformation Tuesday: Paula

In September 2016, Paula told us she was ready for a change. At 5’3 her weight peaked at 262 pounds and had a series of weight related health issues. Paula gave dieting and exercise multiple tries, hoping to lose the weight. Since her LAP-BAND placement, Paula has achieved a weight loss of 57 pounds! Her commitment and dedication has given her more time with her family, more energy, and more reasons to smile! […]

Transformation Tuesday: Amber (An update)

You’ve met Amber before. At the begging of 2017 we gave you peek into her LAP-BAND journey and today, Amber takes the time to share a piece of her personal knowledge and advice on her LAP-BAND system. With Dr. McEwen and his team, Amber can proudly say she’s lost 77 pounds and happily continues to work hard towards her goals! […]

Transformation Tuesday: Debra

It’s been almost a year since Debra walked in our office. Like many of us, she was uncertain of what the LAP-BAND would do for her. Her attempts at dieting and exercising, left her disappointed. She was ready for a change. On July 2016, Debra came in ready shift her mindset and achieve her weight loss dreams. Today, she shares a piece of her LAP-BAMD journey! Congratulations Debra! […]

Transformation Tuesday: Meet Gwen

One of ours biggest rewards is witnessing the emotional changes our patients go through during their LAP-BAND journey. Meet Gwen. She came to us with a story many can relate to: low self-esteem and with no other desirable weight loss options. Since starting her journey in 2013, Gwen has lost a total of 82 pounds. She has blossom into the person she always knew she was and can happily share her a piece of her journey and some advice. […]