Goals or Wishes

You decide when you want to change your health and weight. No one can do it for you.

Common statements:

I would do anything to lose weight. (WISH)

Becky made a goal in June of 2017. She took a step and came to a FREE weight loss session presented by the actual WEIGHT LOSS SURGEON- Dr Keith McEwen.

Becky has lost 50 pounds in her first year. The LAPBAND is designed for a slower, consistent, natural weight loss. The GOAL is long term sustainability of weight loss not a WISH of losing hundreds of pounds in 2 months only to gain it back.

The LAPBAND is a tool. You put in the work and effort as part of the team of weight loss specialist that support you to change your behaviors, educate you on nutrition and cheer you in your endeavors.

Stop wishing, set a goal to meet Dr. Keith McEwen next Wednesday.

BUT will you actually take the first step and attend a FREE weight loss seminar? (GOAL)

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