Individualized Weight Loss

Are you afraid of having bariatric weight loss surgery? Is it because you are afraid you will be “too thin” or “skinny”? Are you afraid of being unhealthy after surgery because you have heard about “dumping syndrome”, persistent vomiting, or hair loss? Are you afraid you will need to take multiple vitamins and expensive supplements forever?

Say hello to Kim! She decided in 2007 that she wanted to lose weight. Kim did not want or need to lose 100 pounds. She chose the Lap Band System for safety and adjustability. She wanted to join a program that would have weight loss follow up and that could fit her personal weight loss goals. She did not want to be trapped in a situation that was forever. She decided that the Lap Band System was the best option for her lifestyle. She has kept 50 pounds off since 2017. Her health is better, she is more active, she can eat a variety of food. Kim can enjoy her life without being burdened with weight. #wls #lapband #lifestyle #safety #healthy