LAP-BAND Approved | Banana Shake!

This summer, keep your LAP-BAND shakes fresh and nutritional with this Banana Shake. This quick and simple shake can serve as breakfast, a mid-day or late-night snack. Try it, post it on your Instagram and tag us (@lapbandindiana)! We want to know what you think: […]

LAP-BAND® Full Liquid Diet.

The full liquid diet is the second diet phase you will advance to after your lap band surgery. Full liquids are liquids that you cannot see through and include protein shakes, soups (smooth, no large pieces of food), drinkable yogurt like Lifeway Kefir (ideally Greek, non-fat), sugar free Jell-O, sugar-free pudding, sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast, etc. These full liquid enter your post LAP-BAND® diet on day 3 through approximately day 9. The goal is to slowly advance to foods with a thicker consistency and prep your lap band for solids and other appropriate foods.

During this period, the goal caloric intake is 600-800 kcal/day minimum although an overall goal of 1200 kcal should be reached by day 28. We recommend our patients start with protein shakes such as Bariatric Advantage Meal Replacement which we sell in the office or a quality whey-protein shake like Premier Protein. The minimum protein shake intake per day for women should be two servings and three for men. Don’t forget to start back on your vitamins at this phase as well! Chewable vitamins are recommended as they dissolve and won’t sit in the pouch above your band potentially causing irritation like a tablet would.

Clear Liquid LAP-BAND® Diet.

After your Lap-Band® surgery, a gradual and steady diet outline will be followed to maximize the success of your surgery and ensure safety. It is also essential to kick start your new healthy Lap-Band® life style. The first 2 days will consist of a CLEAR LIQUID DIET. This means low sodium and sugar-free beverages that you can see through with the only exception being milk or a milk alternative (almond, cashew, or coconut milk). The average daily caloric intake should range between 400 to 500 calories. The goal is to aim for 64 oz. of fluid total. The fluid will need to be sipped slowly to avoid over-stuffing the newly formed pouch above the band.

So what can you actually have? Dr. McEwen and his team at Community Surgery Center Hamilton recommend items such as water, clear broth or bouillon (remember, low in sodium), herbal tea, caffeine-free tea, sugar free drinks like diet Snapple, PowerAde Zero, crystal light (packets), Kellogg Special K protein water, GNC Isopure clear liquid protein drink, low sodium V8 and skim milk. It’s also very important that you do NOT take any multivitamins during these 2 days as this can upset your stomach.