What keeps you motivated to stay on your health goals?

For me, this weekend was a good reminder on goals versus wishes.

The heat is on and with an extra 20 pounds on as well, it was brutal. Sweat, rubbing, sticky body parts continually reminded me that the journey never stops. Then add that my friends thought a 2-door convertible would be a great idea. Squeezing in and out of a backseat is NOT fun!!!

Sometimes, when you are off track or out of focus, instead of looking at the big, overwhelming picture, take a moment to pick out three minor things that remind you of the why. Then decide on the how to work on those. It really is baby steps!

My goal is to move more- eat less. The 3 minor things of why is sweating, uncomfortable clothes, and the discomfort of trying to squeeze into anything! The how is:

1). Put my watch on every day for tracking exercise (EASY)

2). Move more each day (use the watch as directed)

3). Drink more water.

30 days to perform better than August!!! – short term improvements!!

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