Country Bands Together with Gretchen Wilson Lap Band Story


On behalf of the LAP-BAND AP® System, we are pleased to announce the launch of the “Country Bands Together” obesity health education campaign with Country Music and Grammy Award-Winning Singer Gretchen Wilson. In this campaign, Gretchen discuss how excited she is to team up with Allergan and inspire others to follow in her footsteps by pledging to speak with a loved one about obesity and weight-loss treatment options, like the LAP-BAND AP® System.  


Through her involvement in our campaign, Gretchen will reveal for the first time how she intervened with a loved one, her close friend and daughter’s nanny Tammy, to discuss the life-threatening impact of obesity and the necessity to seek treatment options beyond diet and exercise. As a result of her conversation, Tammy received the LAP-BAND AP® System in May 2008, and is already well on her way to weight-loss success.  Through the sharing of their personal story, the campaign will aim to inspire and encourage others to have a “courageous conversation” with a loved one about weight and weight-loss treatment options. In addition, through our consumer education activities, we will direct consumers to our campaign Web site: – where you can listen to an inspirational message from Gretchen, learn about Tammy’s personal journey, get the facts about obesity, and directly the benefits of the LAP-BAND AP System and download a discussion wheel to help start a “courageous conversation”. 


In addition to the above, we officially launched our campaign on Friday with a media tour in New York City, where Gretchen and Tammy were interviewed by over twenty national media outlets, such as “Inside Edition,” “FOX & Friends,” USA Radio Network’s “Daybreak USA,” and Consumer’s Digest, representing over 20 million media impressions.   The “FOX & Friends” segment (795,000 impressions), tagged “Fighting Obesity Together,” aired live this morning.  During the interview, Gretchen explains the importance of talking about obesity with a loved one, and Tammy said she wasn’t offended at all when Gretchen approached her – she says Gretchen was very compassionate, and very sweet.  Tammy says that after a lifetime of struggle, the LAP-BAND® System is the best thing she has ever done, and she has lost 32 pounds so far. 


I will keep you posted on Gretchen’s and Tammy’s journey.   As always, thank you for your continued support.





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