Think you need a Lap Band Adjustment, Think Again?!

Do you remember that feeling you had when you first had your band placed>  For a while, everything was great.  You didn’t experience hunger, you felt satisfied with a small portion of good food, you had more energy, and you were thrilled with your initial weight loss progress.  If you are like most people, your experience changed over time.  Some of those feelings of hunger returned, and you stopped losing weight.  You knew you needed something, so you went to your surgeons’ office and asked for a “fill” right?  If so, you might be surprised to learn that it is your thinking about your band, and not the band itself, that needs adjusting.


According to Dr Paul O’Brien, MD, FRACS, is a skillful, compassionate surgeon and a foremost expert on the Lap Band System.  He was involved with the design of the band in the early 90’s and placed the first band in Australia in 1994.  Since then, he has treated thousands of patients and is recognized worldwide for his experise.  When his patients utter the worst of four letter words, “fill” in his office, they are asked to throw a dollar in the Red Cross donation bucket- a reminder that, according to Dr. O’Brien, thinking about a “fill” is just wrong thinking.


How can a concept that we hear about so constantly be so very wrong?  Dr. O’Brien’s answer is simple: “Any adjustment to the band is something that only takes place in the context of clinical consultation.”  IT is the consultation-part of a relationship of trust, honesty, and communication between patient and surgeon-that is much more key to the success of the patient than the precise number of millileteres of fluid in the band.


So rather than thinking adjustments, adjust your thinking.   Are you doing your part:  Measuring, journaling, good food choices?

2 thoughts on “Think you need a Lap Band Adjustment, Think Again?!

  1. Does age matter? My sister will be 65 this year. And she has been large most of her life. Although I have never asked her weight size, I believe to be over 300 pounds.

    She like all have tried many things. Is this a good thing for her?


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