LapBand Indiana sponsoring Mutt Strutt Humane Society

Indiana Obesity Center invites you to “Lose Some Pounds by Walking Your Hounds”

April 27 is time for Indianapolis Mutt Strut.  You will see Indiana Obesity Center as both a sponsor and as a participant.  Any patient attending with their pet will be rewarded with a Lap Band Pedometer or T Shirt. 

Log onto to learn more.  We attempt to help motivate you to get some excercise and what could be more fun than walking around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with your best friend?

If you do not have a dog, you might be interested to know that you can volunteer at the Humane Society in your area to walk a dog waiting for adoption.  The commitment is your if you want to walk 1-7 days per week for 15- 30 minutes.  Any help at all is appreciated and it HELPS you exercise! 

If you own your own pet, remember they need exercise.  As our waistlines have expanded, so have our pets.  Obesity affects approximately 25 percent of the U.S. canine population. This staggering figure is compounded by obesity related conditions such as diabetes mellitus, orthopedic problems, cardiovascular disease, and other metabolic and physical problems.   Therefore, why you are making yourself healthy with the lap band system, help your pet control his weight with exercise:)


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