What can a patient expect after a Lap Band Surgery?

What can a patient expect after a Lap Band Surgery?

The one thing to expect is you will have continued care with Keith McEwen MD.
The correct follow up care with your LapBand Surgeon can make a HUGE impact on your weight loss.  The care right after surgery is very involved.  Keith McEwen MD makes a pact with his weight loss his patients.  It is like a weight loss boot camp to get back to being healthy again.
Keith McEwen MD, Bariatric Surgeon in Indiana, treats his patients monthly in the first year after weight loss surgery.
Typical weight loss with Lap Band Surgery can be anywhere from fifty pounds to one hundred twenty pounds depending on the patient’s lifestyle changes after weight loss surgery.
Our goals are a pound and a half to two pounds each week for safe weight loss after surgery.  After the first year the follow-up is not as intense if they’re doing well but we like to keep open communication on weight loss goals.
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Lap Band Indiana – your Indiana Obesity Weight Loss Team 

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