Knowing you qualify medically for the LAP-BAND® System can be very exciting. However, it may also make you a little anxious. After all, dramatic weight loss means changing both how you look and how you live. Emotional preparation is critical to your success with the LAP-BAND® System. In fact, your surgeon’s team may want to evaluate your emotional readiness before performing your procedure. Good candidates for the LAP-BAND® System understand: Now is the time to take control of your weight As the saying goes, there’s no time like the present. When it comes to losing weight for the long-term, the sooner you start your journey to long-term weight loss, the sooner you may be able to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.1,2 And that may mean feeling better, and even helping to prevent additional obesity-related health conditions. Success takes commitment The results may seem magical. But the work necessary for you to achieve success is real. While the LAP-BAND® System is a powerful tool for success, you must also be ready to make lifestyle changes that support long-term weight loss. These include: Sticking to dietary requirements. Adding exercise to your routine. Meeting with your surgeon for adjustments and ongoing support. Changing your weight can change your world Being prepared also means understanding how your commitment to weight loss may affect the world around you. Exercising, meal planning, and follow-up appointments may require more time for yourself — which you deserve. However, that can cause you to have less time for others. This may mean setting boundaries that may make you initially uncomfortable. Ultimately, you may find this to have a positive influence on your friends, family, and most importantly — on you. And, while some loved ones may embrace the changes in your appearance and celebrate your success, others may find your change hard to accept at first. It’s important you feel you are able to address the situations and emotions that may arise throughout your weight loss journey. Support makes all the difference If you are ready to take an active role in reducing your weight, the LAP-BAND® System can support you every step of the way. With My LAP-BAND® Journey, you’ll find a positive community, thousands strong, all taking the journey with you. You’ll also get the support, tools, articles, recipes, and tips you need to make the LAP-BAND® System your most effective tool for long-term success. References: Data on file. Allergan, Inc. Irvine, CA. November, 2010. Directions For Use (DFU). LAP-BAND AP® Adjustable Gastric Banding System with OMNIFORM® Design. Allergan, Inc. Irvine, CA. 02/11. The LAP-BAND® System was approved in the United States on the basis of a nonrandomized, single-arm study (N=299). Significant improvement in percent of excess weight loss vs. baseline was achieved at 12 months (34.5%), 24 months (37.8%), and 36 months (36.2%).

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