weight loss work shop may 11 noblesville indiana

May 11 – we will be hosting the first step to weight loss workshop. Please pass the information on to anyone who could use help in taking those steps for a healthier lifestyle!

How it works
Without any stomach cutting or stapling, the LAP-BAND® System reduces your stomach’s capacity, restricting the amount of food you are able to eat at one time. Plus, you feel full faster and stay full longer, so you wind up eating less.

Today’s LAP-BAND AP® System is:
Designed for Advanced Performance: our most advanced device approved by the FDA.
Developed in collaboration with leading bariatric surgeons, this third-generation device is built on the proven performance of the LAP-BAND® System.
Specially designed with our proprietary OMNIFORM® technology — with pre-curved sections (or pillows) that conform to fit your body better, minimizing leaks due to creases or folds. This offers a 360° inflation area for an even distribution of pressure, more secure placement, and complete coverage of stomach anatomy. The result: a perfect fit right from the start.
Designed for increased flexibility; with two sizes and a wider range of adjustments to suit your precise needs.
Available in two sizes to allow your surgeon to choose the best option for you.

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