Is 2009 going to be the magic year, when you finally committo weight loss?  If so, please consider Dr Keith McEwen for your safer surgical weight loss options.  Lap Band Indiana has performed more laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding in Indiana than any other surgeon.  At Indiana Obesity Center, you are a patient, a team player, a person!  Our facility is not focused on performing 10,000 surgeries per year.  We are focused on individual weight loss performance.  You can chose your goals and WE WORK TOGETHER!  It is not a weight loss race!  It is a lifestyle change.  Whether you are interested in the Realize Gastric Band or LapBand System, our practice is dedicated to your success.  Please log on to  You should also check out the other facilities so you can make an educated decision.  Clarian North Bariatrics, St Francis Bariatrics, Community Bariatrics, St Vincent  Bariatrics,  IU Weight Loss and  St Vincent Center of Bariatrics to make sure that we are the best fit for your weight loss success!

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