New Year New Weight Loss Goals

How much weight should I lose each week?


Objective – Define expectation of weekly weight loss based on actual calories consumed and calories burned from physical activity. Reality vs wishful thinking.


 What information do need?


1.      Current Weight – Choose one day a week to use as weigh in day – Use Thursday afternoon or evening since the Support and information meeting is the first Thursday of the month.


2.      Calories Consumed – You must keep a accurate Food Journal. We ask you to keep track of:


u       Record everything that goes into your mouth, any food, liquids, condiments, etc.


u       Measure or weigh portion size. Weigh meats and cheese. Measure in cups or tablespoons fruits vegetables, starches-rice pasta, potatoes, condiments.


u       Estimate calorie and protein for serving size that you consumed. Use books, the Internet, and nutrition labels.


3.      Estimate calories burned from Physical Activity. Must record:

u       Type of activity. E.g. walking, elliptical, etc.

u       Intensity. Miles per hour, slow, moderate, intense, etc.

u       Time – minutes.


With type, intensity, and time go the Activity calorie web site, see below. This web site will estimate how many calories you are burning and will adjust based on your current weight. The more you weigh the more you burn in calories – as you lose weight you will burn fewer calories even though you haven’t change the activity. If you have exercise equipment that calculates calories burn you may use this number but if you do not input your current weight the information may be incorrect.


a.      Activity Calculator

u      Enter weight

u      Enter number of minutes of activity



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