Weight Loss Plateau….WHY

What is a weight loss plateau?

Weight loss plateau is the slowing or halt of weight loss despite continuing to follow your diet and/or physical activity plan.
GOOD NEWS? It happens to almost everyone.

A true fat loss plateau is after ~3 weeks of no weight change (the first 2 weeks likely water changes)

Reasons why your weight can increase:

After eating and drinking
After eating a high sodium meal
Wearing more clothing than before
If you’re bloated or constipated
Women-menstrual cycle

Reasons why your weight can decrease:

If you start restricting carbohydrates because you lose water
After you go to the bathroom
After exercise because your body loses water through sweat
If you’re sick and haven’t been eating or drinking

The most common reasons for plateau is:
Basal Metabolic Rate-
the rate at which your body burns the calories needed to survive each day(vital bodily functions such as breathing and digestion)

As you lose weight your BMR decreases- There is now less of you to move around!

The SECOND most common explanation for the plateau – underestimating calories consumend.
Scientific research shows that patients typically underestimate calories by 40%


Have your METABOLISM TESTED at our office ($55.00)

FOOD JOURNAL- start it and keep it accurate for a minimum of 7 days

žBe meticulous!!  You may have become sloppy when tracking your food intakes
Make sure portion sizes are accurate. Go back to measuring if necessary.
Are you snacking throughout the day or nibbling while fixing dinner?
Are you forgetting to add condiments such as mayo, margarine, dressings, etc.?

Has your 2 oz. chicken portion become 4 oz.? = 100 extra calories
Have you started “taste testing” while fixing dinner?



Are you finishing your child’s plate? = Extra calories

Exercise-  has your routine stalled, become too easy, or are you skipping/slacking/?

If your exercise routine has become easy it means your body doesn’t have to work as hard to complete the same amount of work burning fewer calories.  If calories are already low you’ve got to step up your exercise routine.  Add 10 minutes per day, walk a little farther, park a little farther, stand up more, dance, zumba, swim, and MOVE!

DON’T LET A PLATEAU become a reason for an avalanch:


Come in- meet with your dietitian, check your weight loss goal, remember even a modest weight loss GREATLY improves your health!  žDon’t revert back to old eating habits-you’ve come too far!


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