#TBT Meet Kathleen


Meet Kathleen…. #transformationtuesday

Kathleen is an inspiration and she has been with us for over 3 years now. She would like to share that she has had a bittersweet journey.

Her words, “I feel 10X better and feel I look better.”
She feels her personal relationship has different turn with some partner insecurity. But the most important thing is….”SHE DID IT FOR HER HEALTH”. Her words, “If you do it for the right reasons, it is worth it”

We asked Kathleen, “what is your best #NSV (non-scale victory)?” Kathleen’s answer, “I LOVE SHOPPING NOW! I am not skinny but I am just right for me”

We agree. The point of having a lap band system or any #wls is too improve your personal health and wellness. You do not have to be or want to be “skinny”. Our goal is to help you find your health, wellness, and comfort goal in a healthy, supportive environment. When will you decide that you ready to improve your quality of life??

 — at LapBandIndiana Keith McEwen MD.

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