Weight Loss Surgery to Improve Heart Damage

Weight Loss Surgery to Improve Heart Damage

Ohio State University physicians at Nationwide Children’s Hospital published a recent study in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery showing morbidly obese teens had hearts that looked like those of a middle-aged man or woman—they noticed significant heart damage. Cardiac magnetic resonance images were done on 10 teenagers (9 girls / 1 boy; average age 17.4 years and BMI 50) scheduled for bariatric surgery and the teens were followed through recovery and subsequent weight loss. “Many of the abnormalities that we documented during the initial (MRI) baseline study actually showed significant improvement after the weight loss had been obtained,” said Marc Michalsky, MD, Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Six of the 10 had enlarged hearts prior to surgery (based on MRI). Following weight loss, five patients experienced an improvement of their heart conditions (better blood flow and smaller hearts); three had complete normalization of the damaged heart muscle.

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