Healthy Eating Tips

Maladaptive Eating – Eating habits that are counterproductive to the individual.

  • Old habits are hard to break.
  • Changing lifestyle is much harder than just saying no.
  • No change in habits or lifestyle leads to rationalizing a behavior and returning or continuing old habits and making poor food choices.


  • Discomfort after eating too much, eating the wrong type of food, or choking on foods due to not cutting it up into “DIME SIZED” pieces or not chewing thoroughly.
  • After choking, begin to use “ice cream, shakes, sweets” to soothe the throat. 
  • Using the choking as an “EXCUSE” to eat sweets and ice cream.
  • Using children and family members as reasons for having ice cream, shakes, and sweets. 

How to prevent?

  • “Don’t buy it and don’t bring it in the house.”
  • Healthy eating is for the entire family not just for myself – variety or foods from all food groups and potion control, avoiding deep fried foods, eliminating or changing the type of foods you eat.
  • Eating fast and not chewing, not allowing for enough time for eating, waiting to long to eat, results in overstuffing the pouch, resulting in esophagus irritation and pain.

Remember the LAP-BAND System is a Tool!  You must learn to use it properly!

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